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Construction of Sop Moei Nursery School begins

Wednesday, 14th July 2010

Construction for our third school to be selected this year (the Sop Moei Nursery School) has just begun.

The Sop Moei village is located in the north-west of Thailand and comprised mostly of people from the minority Karen tribe. Having escaped to this area from the great political unrest and ethnic-based conflicts in Myanmar.

Isolated on the mountains, the village is very diffcult to access by road and subsequently river transport is heavily relied upon. Communication is also severely hampered within the area due to poor infrastructure and lack of telecommunications or electricity.

The nursery children are currently being schooled out of a tiny computer room in the Sop Moei Primary School which is clearly not ideal nor suitable for over 30 children.

Two new classrooms will be built for the children together with a separate building with toilets.

Construction is expected to be completed by September of this year and cost is estimated to be US$13,000.

For more information about the Sop Moei Nursery School please click here.



some of the nursery children in the computer room
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