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Opening of Khun Tuen Primary School

Friday, 22nd November 2013

We just returned from the most extraordinary trip to Khu Tuen in the northern area of Thailand.

My very brave Mum and daughter accompanied me for their first visit to one of our schools. And Khun Tuen definitely did not disappoint!

Before launching in to the details of our trip, I must say a very big thank you to both Lachie and Marcela Miller. Without their very generous help, this project would never have been able to be funded in its entirety. Thank you so much guys! 🙏🙏

Perched high a-top a mountain and surrounded by a flowing river, seeing the new school and village took my breath away.

However, the trip was definitely not for the faint-hearted. It took us approximately four hours by jeep to get to the school, travelling across winding and in parts dilapidated roads. Our car got bogged twice and tipped once. But eventually with clever driving from our talented Jack (who is also the project manager from Child's Dream for the school). 

We were warmly greeted by the chairman of the community and all the students and teachers when we arrived. The students performed a marvellous dance and show for us before the formal cutting of the ribbon to officially open the school. We were then spoilt with an extremely generous array of local foods prepared by the villagers. 

We left with ear-to-ear smiles, very warm and light hearts and very full tummies! 

A huge thank you to both Daniel and Jack from Child's Dreams for taking the time to drive us to the school for the opening. It was simply magical and the memories from the day will stay with all of us forever. Thank you so much.


opening ceremony with the new school building in the background

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