I heard your voice in the wind today...

a poem to you champ xx


I heard your voice in the wind today

and I turned to see your face;

The warmth of the wind caressed me

as I stood silently in place.


I felt your touch in the sun today

as its warmth filled the sky;

I closed my eyes for your embrace

and my spirit soared high.


I saw your eyes in the window pane

as I watched the falling rain;

It seemed as each raindrop fell

it quietly said your name.


I held you close in my heart today

it made me feel complete;

You may have died...but you are not gone

you will always be a part of me.


As long as the sun shines...

the wind blows...

the rain falls...

You will live on inside of me forever

for that is all my heart knows.


by Judy Burnette



Message from Lou

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on face cream, scrubs and vitamins to try and make themselves look and feel good and to feel ageless .......but I didn’t need to spend a cent.........I was lucky enough to know and love Andrew Woinarski....and that’s precisely how he made me feel.  Fabulous and ageless.
The fact that I was 30 years older than him... a friend of his Mum and Dad’s....made absolutely no difference at all.  I knew when we saw each other he didn’t see a plain boring old woman.......he saw his friend who he cared about and could talk to and laugh with. I could have been 21 or 101 - Andrew wouldn’t have noticed.  We were really good friends.  And he made me feel special every time I saw him.
It didn’t matter where I was or who Andrew was with at the time - whenever he saw me I always got a kiss and a hug and he made me feel  fabulous - and I remember on one occasion being with two female friends - arrived at a cafe - and this absolutely sensational looking 21 year old drop dead gorgeous looking young man got up from his seat (he was with his current....I think....girlfriend) and came over and gave me a big bear hug..........and I remember thinking to your heart out girls !!!!.
He had the face cream effect on my 86 year old Mother too!!!
He has enriched my life and he will have his own little place in my heart forever.


Love Lou xxx


From Ant

its a feb afternoon almost 18mths since you left us. i haven’t spoken to you since you went your way my mate. I just couldn’t yet now for the first time we actually chat i am still at a loss. you know  my thoughts and the need to write them down is really unnecessary but i miss you terribly my mate,  we all do.

It’s the unfulfilled memories we could have had that upsets me,  but you lived and shared so much whilst here and for that i truly am thankful, we just miss you that’s all. your sister hurts but heals, your niece is damn cute, cheeky but  so kind. life is changed but still awesome in so many ways and we owe it to you and ourselves to live it to its best.  your with us as we enjoy its fruits.

so my brother for you i don’t cry because its over but rather smile because it happened.

I will look after things this end, you enjoy your peace my friend ..... le bone



From Mel Shaw

"We were always the ones at the family breakfasts on weekends in Sydney, completely hung over, wearing our completely oversized Gucci sunglasses, having just stumbled in from our respective all nighters. We would both recieve the "when are you two going to grow up" look from our parents, only to glance over and see our 'perfect' older brother and sister, married, having been up for a run at 5am and eating an organic breakfast. But secretly we would have a real giggle and think that we were the funnest people on earth! We used to argue about who was the better looking in-law. I think it is fair to say that you won, but I never told you that at the time.


Mostly we would have mexican stand offs about who was going to be the best auntie or uncle to our beautiful niece Saskia. I think that is what makes me most sad. I think you would have been the best uncle a girl could have. I will miss the times when we could have been the naughty aunty and uncle letting her do things that mum and dad wouldn't. Thank you for the friendship you showed to my brother and your bond with Alex will forever be remembered to me as the strongest between a brother and sister. You are a beautiful soul who would always put a smile on my face and light up a room when you walked in. When I meet you again one day I will make the time to tell you this. We will run a muck in the next life......perhaps as rock stars?"


Love Mel Shaw xoxo


Our last day together...

1st September 2006... if I had only known that this wonderful Friday was going to be our last day with each other I would never have let you board that train.

You, as always, had kept me up the night before worrying about you as you hadn't come home yet. I remember thinking I just couldn't understand why you would prefer to spend your last night in HK with a bunch of people you hardly knew, instead of with us, your family. But then I remembered you had a life, unlike us!! And it wouldn't have been a truly fun last night in HK if you hadn't been to at least 2 different parties, made some new friends and finally hooked up with some random, beautiful girl!

Anyway, about 2 hours before we needed to be at the airport, you walked in our door with a huge guilty grin on your face, anticipating yet another lecture from me. But what you didn't realise was I was just so grateful that you were home and the frown on my face was only a reflection of the dread I was feeling knowing I would have to say good-bye to my little brother in a few hours.

Whilst you packed up all your things in our spare room, I made you a decent Aussie breakfast with the tomatoes just how you liked them - grilled and soft. Then you gave Sassie a big goodbye kiss & hug and you gorgeous thing - you had tears in your eyes and said something along the lines of "that was a lot harder than I thought it would be". Little did we know this would be the last time Saskia saw her beautiful uncle.

We hopped in the car and the nerves started to kick in as the reality of your move was all beginning to sink in. New country, new job, new friends all awaited you. You were excited but also naturally sad and nervous about leaving us behind. The true irony of the farewell was nothing but chilling. My darling brother, without you realising it, you were about to begin a far greater journey than any of us could imagine.

We called Mum & Dad on the way to the airport, with Mum being her usual self and reminding you of all the really important things, like take your vitamins! They were both very excited for you and wished you a safe flight & lots of love.

I was meanwhile beginning to get upset at the prospect of you no longer living in the same country. It's funny, when I look at the last 32 years, there was only about 2 years when we were ever apart. For the last 10 of them, you, Shawry & I were such a family and the best of friends - all living out of each others pockets. Occasionally we argued but geez we had some laughs!

We got to the airport express and you checked in all your gear except for the gorgeous bright orange overnight bag of yours that we bought together in Lane Crawford when you first moved to HK. I think I went to get us both coffees while you finished convincing the airline girl why she should give you an upgrade! You never could turn right!!

We waited anxiously on the seats for the next train to come. It was almost awkward as we both started to anticipate the painful and sad goodbye. I could see how nervous you were but I was so excited for you. Being able to start fresh somewhere new on your own.

As you boarded the train you gave me one of your famous bear hugs. I was trying to be strong & stop the tears that were determined to start, so gave you a quick hug and wished you a great trip and said something like "don't be upset, you will be fine... will call you in an hour or so at the airport, love you".

You then boarded the train, with a big smile and some nerves showing in those beautiful green eyes. If only I had known...I would have hopped on that train with you and held your hand the whole way.

Even though we spoke afterwards and thank God I had a chance to tell you how much we all missed you, that last day will be burnt in my heart forever. I love you Champ & life just wont ever be the same, nor complete, without you xx

"Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard, but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear".
January 07


From Tim Leckie

i remember when I first met andrew because we actually hit it off without saying a word. we were both working a shift at the brooklyn hotel. i remember I was nursing an incredible hangover and was much relieved to be given a half hour break. i sat down in a quiet corner of the courtyard only to look up to see a someone who looked as thought he was in the exact same position as myself. without saying a word we knew each others situation and burst out laughing. andrew then came over and introduced himself to me. so its fair to say i liked andrew before i actually spoke to him. he will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to have know him.

Deepest Sympathies,
Sept 06


From Kate Sutton

Andy, you really were a charmer, and as you would say ‘ridiculously good-looking’- cue Zoolander pose!

I enjoyed spending our time together. You definitely taught me a lot, some things I really will never forget.

I will always remember you for your charming nature, it got me, your sense for fun and adventure, and your love for the lazy afternoons on the couch in Holland Park – and I will never forget living with you there and sharing part of your life with you in London!

Andrew, thanks for all the good times, you will be missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have known you.

Kate xx
Sept 06


For Andrew, with dearest Love, Thea Garland

Dearest Woin,

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you picked me up outside my house in Sydney in your white ute. You were wearing your white football jumper and I couldn’t get over how gorgeous you looked. It was our first date. We were about 17 – full of enthusiasm and excitement with the thought of finishing school and beginning a new chapter of our lives. Days seemed to be filled with endless sunshine, rolling effortlessly from sleeping under the stars at country parties and picnic races to drinks with friends in the beer garden at the Sheaf, to trips to Palm Beach and Terrigal. Life seemed filled with never ending laughter and good times.

Ten years on and our lives have evolved through so many further chapters. Different countries, different jobs, different relationships. I feel so grateful that you were present in my life through these different chapters. That we remained such close friends. Than you so much for your friendship Woin. For your kindness, your generosity, your inspiring spirit and passion for life. For always being there for me and looking out for me, particularly for your incredible support and love after Camille passed away. For always making me laugh even when I thought I’d forgotten how. Thank you for your smile. I feel truly blessed to have had a friend like you in my life for the last ten years. Quite simply, thank you for being you.

I will always carry your friendship with me in my heart, wherever I go, for the rest of the chapters in my life.

Forever Love
Sept 06


From Scott Tindall

My earliest memory of Andrew was that of year 7 Knox when we were both in Gilmore boarding house back in 1991. I was going to meet my sister up at Wahroonga shops and Andrew decided to come. Being only in year 6 he decided to borrow a senior school uniform so as not be embarrassed about being younger and also to give himself the slim chance of picking up! Keep in mind my sister was in year 10 at the time and Andrew genuinely thought he had a shot. Thus, Andrew the ladies man became well known to my family and myself.

Always the socialite he continued in this way throughout his life, never too far from a gorgeous girl and a good time. Andrew loved life and people loved Andrew. He fluttered in and out of many people’s lives in his short career while always managing to stay close to those that mean the most to him. Even if you hadn’t seen him for an extended period, you could just pick it up as if no time had passed at all. A true measure of a friend for life!

Andrew is gone but definitely not forgotten. He will remain with me and I am sure everyone here today forever. Being the person he was I guess it was only fitting he departs at 27, joining many other greats who left far too early. Andrew was a rock star, a gentleman, a larrikin and most importantly a great mate.

I will miss you buddy.
Date – Sept 06


From Richard Young

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Andrew. He was a good friend and a great guy who will be sorely missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

He was a guy who loved and admired his family and friends more than life itself.

I feel privileged to have shared good times and happy memories with him.

When I look back at our time together I cannot help but laugh and smile. That I believe is a sign of a truly amazing person.

My love to you and my thoughts are with you all in this very difficult time.


From Charlotte Armstrong

Hey there – I feel bad bc I didn’t know Andrew very well and don’t know the words to use for such a tragedy. Sorry.

I saw him in April in a pub in Paddo – in good form – friendly, funny and happy just hanging with his friends – I guess that is how I will remember him. Oh and …. I will always be a bit jealous of his jacket with the sloppy joe sewn in. Only he could carry that off.

Big hugs and kisses



Message from Edwina King

My first memories of Andy are him driving around Palm Beach in his white ute, with no shirt, rugby shorts and a cowboy hat… a very bronzed and very buff country boy. And sadly my last memories of Andrew are of his gorgeous smile, laughing and drinking at the London pub in Paddington.

My thoughts are with his family and close friends… A great guy who will be remembered… xEdwina


The Woin

“There goes The Woin… a ladies man for sure,

His golden locks and loud red socks had their heads a-turning.

There goes The Woin… a good time King,

That John Wayne dance and fancy prance provided many a night of entertaining,

There goes The Woin… a mate for life,

Whose endless charm and brotherly arm we will be forever a-missing.”

Dear Mr & Mrs Woinarski,

I’d like to start by thanking you for bringing a great friend of mine into this world. The funny stories are endless, his performances on the dance floor legendary, and most of all he was a great mate to have around. I look forward to reciting a few Andrew tales when I’m next in Sydney. I hope you enjoy the poem, it is Andrew in a nutshell for me.
My thoughts are with you… Andrew Chappell (Chappo)


From Rob Deutsch


When I arrived in London I had heard a hell of a lot about you mate. In fact, the same can be said about Sydney. When I started to spend plenty of time with you I realised what a great person and friend you really were. You were blessed with a quality sense of humour and were generally amazing fun to hang out with. Since you departed to Hong Kong and Tokyo, I really missed our lunches, dinners and random beers.

To the Woinarski family, my thoughts and prayers are with you right now and have been ever since this tragic event. Your son was an inspiration and I have so many fond memories of him and our times together which I will carry with me forever.

Rob D


From Alice Polkinghorne

I have so many memories I don’t know where to start….

Andrew stayed with me at Palm Beach many times in our school years and God were they fun! So many funny nights and although we knew it at the time, little did we know many times we’d laugh about those days later in life.

I moved to London only to find that he was going out with one of my best friends in the world – and I was so happy because I knew I’d see him a lot while I was here.

On my birthday 2 years ago, he and Kate went out first thing in the morning & came back with croissants, coffee etc. and a cupcake, put 1 candle in it and woke me up singing happy birthday – I’ll never forget that morning – such an amazing friend.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today” (James Dean) – he did, and I will always love every moment and laugh a lot. He always made me smile and he always will.
His happiness was infectious and I’ll always remember him as the amazing guy that he was – everyone loved him and everyone knew if you’d had a bad day, you’d be laughing by the end of the day if you saw him. He will never be forgotten. What an amazing friend. Love always Alice Polkinghorne


From Kirsty Munro

I have to say that when I arrived here in London after making my way around the world and seeing your familiar face it reminded me of my school years and the special friendships we all made. I cant say I was at all surprised when you introduced me to your latest girlfriend – Sutto. In true Woin form you have woed another beauty – another Ascham girl and another friend of mine! I’m sorry that I missed you when I decided to move here, I am sorry your life ended prematurely. You are a great guy, fun loving, funny, gorgeous, sensitive and special. You will be greatly missed. Lots of love to you. Kirsty Munro xx


To my beautiful Andy

I can’t believe this has happened, I am so sad to be writing this! You had so much drive and love for life and I am so sorry that it was cut short so suddenly. I hadn’t seen you in a while but we always had such a great time when we caught up. I will always remember the special times I shared with you and Katie at St Lawrence Terrace. There were a lot of laughs and endless lounge room dancing! Never a bad moment and always happy times. I remember when I first met you at Xmas in Devon & I was a fan from the  start. You were never anything less than a thoughtful friend to me & I have always appreciated how you & Katie welcomed me to London from the start. Wishing you sweet dreams & blue skies for ever & ever my friend. I am so honoured to have shared a part of your life. Huge hugs, Kisses & lots of love to you darling, love Miss Breheny AKA Anna xxx


To the real No.2

So here I am at a bar in London grieving the loss that is you buddy. You were the man that walked into an empty room and left it ‘full’. So fortunate I have been to have had you as a mate in this life. I often think that a man’s life is judged by his mates. Well I have met so many of yours here that are …. Satisfied that you lived your life like every day was the last. ‘Full and incredible’. Thanks for bing you. This is not a goodbye, I’m no good at those.

Scottie Mac No 2&1


From Gareth Anderson

Always there with a smile and a laugh. One of the guys I thought I’d be able to catch up with anytime, anywhere for the rest of my life. Still in shock that I can’t remember all the great times because that’s what they always were, whether it be a quick beer after work or a weekend away. Privileged to have shared a small time of your life in London.


Message from Mark Javed

Andrew – we haven’t seen each in some time, but as I stand here with many of your London friends tonight, I enjoy the familiar stories of your laughter, warmth and loyalty. You will be dearly missed and I will certainly think of you in the most positive of lights.
Mark Javed


Message from Ward Simondson

…aah Wardarama, or ahh Wardalicious… that full-hearted greeting from my wonderful friend. To say we had so an wonderful times would be and understatement and although I would never admit to being angels it was always genuine good fun. And that is what I will, someone who was just so genuinely liked and loved, someone who was just so down to Earth…. I will always remember the awesome times we had together… Ward


From Bob Cook

Where does one start – The ‘Nephew’ I never had? ‘Uncle Bobs’ periodic advice….. often saught, seldom useful, and seldom followed! I was always up for it as it involved ‘catching up’ & just having a laugh. After a few beers, the advice was AWFUL, but it didn’t matter. Thankfully, in spite of my advice, Andy soared. Too much to put into print my friend, I will miss you. Bob


From Alicia Coughlan

Wonwa was an infectious character. He always managed to hold the attention of his audience… he had the outstanding ability to make the  girls fall in love with him as well as the boys. Andrew was certainly a ladies man, but also a boys boy. Every guy that met him would undoubtedly describe him as ‘a good bloke’.

I have many fond memories of Andrew – one of them being his ability to just ‘hang out’. The Woin was one of those friends that you could sit with him on a couch and there was no need for conversation. He had an air of relaxation to him and there many times that we talked about stupid, meaningless things that were funny at the time and we laughed. I always felt very comfortable when I was around Wonwa.

His favourite sayings were:
·  ‘did I say that or think that?’

·  ‘Cogs, I am ridiculously good looking’

·  ‘The Woin says….’  (he loved  to speak in first person)

Two stories spring to mind:

‘The Rotisserie Jules story’
When Woin, James, Hawks and I were sitting in James’ any my studio apartment on a cold wintery Sunday just ‘hanging out’ and I mentioned we should all go and get some Rotisserie Jules (the charcoal chicken shop up the road).

Andrews ears pricked up and he said ‘Who’s Jules?’. A typical Woin comment – so a joke developed with actions of what it would be like to have some Rotisserie Jules. The boys were all up doing dance moves and actions to Rotisserie Jules’….. he really knew how to make you laugh… and turn a regular situation into something funny.

Another story that reminds me of  Wonwa was when I was at home alone and there was a mouse in my flat. So I called him to come and save me.  He came around straight away and he looked for the mouse that still to this day he would say was imaginary. We ‘hung out’ for the rest of the evening while he too control of the remote control and my tele until my boyfriend came home much to his enjoyment to find Wonwa in complete control of the couch and the TV. They were best mates so James was always so happy to have the Woin around…. his girlfriend, Sutto, was my best friend so it worked perfectly.

I could go on about Wonwa – his amazing roast pork crackling, his love of socialising and his love of TV. So – I suppose it is only apt that we lost him doing what he love best. On the couch, in front of tele after socialising with his friends.

I send my heart felt warmth to Mr and Mrs woinarski and his sister during this extremely sad and difficult time.

xxAlicia Coughlan


From Parker Howard

Andrew and I were neighbours in Holland Park, London a few summers ago. We had little in common at the time of meeting apart from the fact that our girlfriends knew each other and were good mates. I guess we were forced to hang out with each other to begin with and we both knew it! I didn’t have much time for him and vice versa. I remember going out to the balcony for a cheeky smoke during the day, okay morning (midweek – not at work!) which I felt very guilty about. To my surprise there was Andrew doing exactly the same thing! We laughed….! From that moment on I guess you could say we were pals. Bright, generous, interested, interesting, funny, talented, successful – Here was a guy living on my doorstep who was very cool and someone I really liked. Our friendship although short was great, so much so we kept in touch via email whilst he was overseas. I remember having dinners with Andrew, Kate and Holly in the Crescent where we lived, on long summer evenings. I remember a football match in that same Crescent that Andrew, James and I arranged. England v’s Australia. Every time Andrew got the ball us Pom’s would bounce him off! He was huge and so full of life, when I think of Andrew I think of someone who is so alive and full of life and love. This is how I will always remember him for as long as I live, my neighbour Andrew Woinarski. Rest in Peace Pal.

Park Howard
London, England


From Ram Sabri

One of the words Andy used to describe people was “legend”, and it’s at a tragic time like this that you realise the true legend was Andy!

I had passed on the news to some of Andy’s old colleagues at Eurobrokers and the reaction was the same from everyone. Complete shock and disbelief and it’s when you understand how many lives Andy touched and how much he was liked! He had this innocence about him that you just couldn’t help but like him!

Some of my most memorable nights out was with Andy and I know it wouldn’t have been half as much fun without him! What I loved about him was his general humour, his attitude to life, his pleasantness.

I will miss being called “Uncle Ram”, I will miss the “catch ups” we used to have but most of all, I will miss you mate!

My deepest condolences to his family.



From Ali Handley

The year was 2000, and scene was a messy Double Bay flat. I’d been living there with my older brother, Matt Handley, so was constantly surrounded by all his mates. A noisy engine screeched to a stop outside our New South Head Rd building, greeted with loud applause by the boys lounging on the couch. In he walked; blonde, tall and with that crazy, fun, wild look that soon gained the affectionate nickname ‘Tyler’.

‘Tyler’ and I quickly became close, getting driven around in his ‘stang’ and just shooting the breeze hanging at the flat, and I’m very proud to say he often joked that was like his baby sister he never had. He as an amazing friend, and just a beautiful guy I will miss always.


From James Gribble

To Andrew and Family,


I can’t honestly believe that the last time we would end up seeing each other turned out to be in the reception at 22 McDonald Road in Honkers at 6.45 in the morning! Me arriving home after a heavy night out and you totally conincidentally walking through the lobby with a white towel round your neck, looking fresh as a daisy claiming you were off to the gym…. whatever! You so should have  been hurting as much as I was. Still, I’ll never forget  those chicken legs and the trainers you were wearing which looked as old as ones you turned up in our for our first footy training back at school.

Will remember you for your mutual appreciation for lazy afternoons watching the footy, your sixth sense for a sensational night out and your charming demeanour. I was lucky to have known you.

Thanks for the good times buddy!



From Jamie Bruce

‘Woin – You always made me laugh when you were near.

Laughing, like life is precious, you really miss it when it’s gone.

You’ll be missed mate’




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