About Andrew

At approximately 4.30pm on 17th November 1978, a little baby boy was born at the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital with huge green eyes and wearing nothing but a great big smile. This same, and often cheeky smile, became Andrew's 'trademark' until he left us suddenly in September 2006; and where it now remains permanently imprinted in our memories.


With so many admirable & adored qualities, it makes the task of summarising them in a few mere paragraphs a very challenging task.

If I had to pick one of his greatest attributes it was undoubtedly Andrew's sense of humour that endeared him to most and for which he will always be remembered. Throughout his life he could always see the funny side of things and make even the hardest of audiences laugh. He lived for a laugh himself and he often stole quotes from his favourite TV shows like The Simpson's, Zoolander or Dodgeball turning them into one of his famous 'Woinisms'.

Andrew was a fun loving, outgoing guy with a huge heart. He knew when to deliver a punch line to lift someone who was feeling down or when to lend a shoulder to a friend seriously in need.

During his last few weeks before leaving to begin a new job in Tokyo, Andrew spent a magical week in Koh Samui filled with everything from parasailing to deep sea fishing. But what some might not know is whilst he was there Andrew was lucky enough to be invited to a remote mountain village for a few days by some locals he had be-friended (in true Andrew fashion!).


Over those few days the friendly and loving nature of the Thai people had a profound and sobering affect on Andrew. The villagers' happy and outgoing personality, given their relative poorness, resonated with Andrew and was a welcome reminder of how much a lot of us take for granted.  He returned to Hong Kong extremely content & filled with a renewed energy and desire to help those who were less fortunate.

Andrew was an amazing son, brother, uncle and friend to us all. It is a gross understatement to say we miss him, with that beautiful smile and those unforgettable green eyes. In his memory, we pledge to try just that little bit harder to be better people and to live life to the fullest just as he did and as he would wish us all to do.

Until we meet again my beautiful brother... xx




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