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Shan Chaung Monastic School

  • Location

    The Shan Chaung Monastic (SCG) School is located in the Mon State in the South of Myanmar.

  • History/Description

    In Myanmar, monastic education exists alongside the state-run education system. In fact, the traditional system of education was at monastries. State-run education systems were introduced under British colonisalism and further strengthened under the independent Myanmar governments through the 1980's. However it has only been in the last few years, as government education support for the the masses of population decreased that regulations have been slowly lifted on monastic education. Monastries are allowed to operate secular schools which are funded by the monastery itself.

    Established in the 1990's, the SCG School plays a critical role in providing primary education to this small coastal community in the Mon State of Myanmar. Most parents within the community choose to send their child to this school since it is supported financially by the monastery yet still uses the government curriculum. In general, schools supported by temples tend to have better teacher support, more modern teaching methods and lower or free tuition.

    All levels of schooling at monastic schools are fully accredited by the Government and count towards the high school matriculation certificates.

  • New building details

    Located close to the Adaman sea, the unstable soil condition and seasonal monsoon climate had caused the existing school buildings to erode and partially collapse. In the past, the SCG School had to be built three times, each time it was relocated further away from the coastline.

    The SCG School has been providing primary education to about 120 students. Being a community which relies heavily on rice farming and fishing, many of the students travel from across the countryside to get to school.

    There were two school buildings. One of which was only recently re-built for the Grade 3 to Grade 6 students. We sponsored the construction of a new building for the Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.

    A water storage tank was also installed as in the past often the students and community members would struggle to access drinking water especially during the dry season.

    The Government provides the curriculum to the school and teh Myanmar Children's Foundation supports the management and administration of the school.

  • Construction details

    A new building with 2 new classrooms was built for the Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. One of the rooms will be used for the students lessons and the other will be used by the teachers. Both rooms were fitted out with new furniture.

    Constructed on posts, the new building allows for space underneath to be used (when weather permits) for additional lessons.

    A separate toilet building with two toilet rooms was also constructed and a water storage tank was built.

    The Myanmar Children's Foundation and the active involvement of the community ensures the sustainability of the SCG School's initiatives. The Myanmar's Children's Foundation monitored the construction of the site to ensure safety standards were met and qualified workers were hired during the construction. The Child's Dream project team were also in regular contact with the representative of Myanmar's Children's Foundation.

  • Construction costs

    Construction costs were in the end just under what what was expected.

    Being a monastic school, the SCG School is able to sustain its running costs from the community's donations to the temple. Additionally, the community also provides free food and lodging to the three teachers.

  • How to get there and visiting details

    Access to the school is very difficult, however not impossible for the intrepid traveller!

    Flying in to Yangon, it is approximately a 4-5hour bus drive to the nearest temple where you would need to stay overnight. The next morning you need to travel by boat for 2 hours followed by a walk of approximately 45 minutes through mud to access the village.

    See below of a couple of pictures taking when Tai from Child's Dream visited late in 2011.

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