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Field trip notes from Child's Dream team visiting Pang Mon Primary & Nursery School

Tuesday, 24th January 2012

The Child's Dream team just returned from Laos and they visited Pang Mon Nursery & Primary School.

Both the teachers and students seemed to be very excited about the new school. Here is a short extract from their field trip report as well as few photos of the school:

"After we finished visiting Don Pung Secondary School, we visited the Pang Mon Nursery and Primary School to follow up on the toilet building and the ceiling in the bath room. We talked with the three nursery teachers who have 42 nursery children. The teachers told us that it is the nursery school's first year thats why so many children still work in the farm with their parents, but next year more children will attend school.  The bath room and toilet have water already. The teacher are very good and look after the school well.

We went to check the playground too. The kids enjoy playing there a lot except the climbing ladder is a bit too high for this nursery student otherwise they were so enjoy. The teacher said that they keep the playground for the nursery children only. Another thing before we left the school we noticed that the children don’t know how to use the toilet yet because they just pee around the building, but the teacher tried to told them to use toilet instead.

Before we left we had a quick look at the primary school which was a bit dirty, but we talked to the teacher. It was quite understanding that this thing will take time for them to learn especially they are Hmong kids."

For more details on the Pang Mon Nursery & Primary Schools please click here.


one of the nursery school students

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